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My name is Ryan McClain, and I am a LIBERTY Advocate in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.


My goal is simple; preservation/ restoration of Liberty and freedom, and an emphasis on all the people as Individuals.


I was a boy scout, who never desired anything less than the voluntary good deeds that all citizens should do daily, I remember giving aid to hurricane and storm victims faster than any government ration could even dream to provide.


For Liberty, I Advocated for Austin Petersen’s campaign, ran for the Ohio House of Representatives in 2018, and I am the president of Mansfield Universities chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. If I am elected, I promise to decrease the power of government burdens and increase the power of YOU!!!
To learn more about where I stand, check out “Platform.”


If you agree with the preservation of Liberty and an Ohio that recognizes all the people as free individuals, please consider your support, every little bit helps.

Growing up, I have always been an advocate for liberty and freedom. I was a boy scout and made my way to almost first class before my brother began falling ill, which forced me to help care for my brother.


I love small parrots, particularly budgies, you may even see my English budgie Mountie in his travel cage with me.

Ryan McClain Wants to Cut Taxes and Protect Constitutional Liberties
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