"They who wish to give up liberty for a little security shall gain neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin



Education is essential for all Americans

And as mayor I will fight for educational freedom. We are part of the Berea City Schools, and althought I'm certain the district means well, the current system is not working.


I will do my duty as a citizen under this school district to stand up towards neglect and abuse towards students. The district reported only 19 incidents of bullying during the 2019-2020 school year and although this is 19 too many, we all know that this district has far more than 19 (or more than 1 *not kidding they reported 1* in 2015-2016).


The system of "if we don't see it then there's nothing we can do about it" doesn't work


I believe that under my tax plan if you like your money, you can keep your money.

I want to entirely abolish the majority of tax code and start from scratch, taxation ought to be kept minimal and this means that the MH property Tax has gotta lower significantly!!! You as a citizen should be able to keep much more of what you earn, plain and simple.


We need to balance the budget; My goal is to put Middleburg Heights under a surplus, not debt.


I am A PROUD supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, and I believe that my gun permit is something called the Bill of Rights.


The second amendment is the cornerstone of our constitution. In my belief, every single amendment to the bill of rights is essential and the second amendment gives us the physical tools needed to defend the bill of rights.


Politicians in MH are trying to take your 2ND Amendment rights away citing fear, but remember that fear was the same mentality that awarded us with the patriot act, illegal NSA surveillance, endless wars overseas, drone strikes killing thousands of innocents under the Obama administration, and several other unconstitutional government measures.

Our children are much safer when someone has the power to defend them. If you outlaw or even restrict guns than by legal definition, only criminals have weapons. Are you genuinely comfortable with only criminals having guns? I want our students to live, which is why we should be fighting for our teachers to have the right to defend our students. AR-15s? Bump stocks? They are not your enemy. The enemy is banning those objects, which will, in turn, only grant those who are breaking the law access to those objects.


There is no such thing as a "common sense" restraint on the constitution; the constitution was written to restrain the government and not the other way around. Remember that it was founding father Benjamin Franklin who warned that "those who wish to give up liberty for a false sense of security will gain neither and lose both."


Everyone, no matter who you are, deserves the same rights, opportunities, freedoms, and liberties.

there is a lot of work to do. LGTBQ+ Citizens are discriminated against, and this is immoral. We should be working to bring Ohio together, not tear our state apart with laws dictating where a transgender individual can use the bathroom.


I support any legislation that is meant to protect the LGBTQ+ Community. LGBTQ+ People need these civil rights protections, especially in area's where society is more discriminatory than in other areas.


Discrimination in my view is bullying, and I would hope that most people would see bullying as a completely unacceptable behavior in 2018.


In my belief, this viewpoint is completely in support of individual liberty. I've always followed something called the Non-Aggression Principle, which means that yes you can live your life as you please as long as you don't cause harm to someone or take their stuff. Discrimination does both of that. Discrimination on the basis of something that the individual cannot control (ex. color, sexual orientation, gender identity) causes harm, whether physically or mentally, to the person being wrongly discriminated.
discrimination takes away the victims self-worth in society, and that is something I no longer wish to witness.


Remember that we are all beautiful people, that we are all worth something, and that we should be a community that judges NOT by color, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, but by the content of character.


Marijuana ought to be legalized.

It is of no place of the government to tell a private citizen how they shall live their life.

If I am elected Mayor of Middleburg Heights, I will move forward to make Middleburg Heights a "weed sanctuary city."

I will protect your right to live in peace

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