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  • Ryan McClain

Ryan McClain Releases Statement on Ending LGBTQ+ Discrimination 8/6/2018

To all of Ohio's citizens, to all of State Representative District 14, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community

I entered this campaign with hopes that discrimination would magically disappear without the need of legislation, that society would magically get rid of the problem, and in some cases, this is in fact true. In many cases, however, this theory of mine has been proven to be false

I made a huge mistake, and I am deeply sorry.

I realize now that discrimination, notably discrimination as deep as what the LGBTQ+ community faces, is not going just magically to go away, it will not just go away if we do nothing to stop it, we do in fact need some sort of legislation to put a stop, and an end to discrimination.

This is why I support House Bill 160 entirely as it is introduced. The legislation may not be perfect, but LGBTQ+ People need these civil rights protections, especially in area's where society is more discriminatory than in other areas.

Discrimination in my view is bullying, and I would hope that most people would see bullying as a completely unacceptable behavior in 2018.

Someone stated to me on a previous post that this viewpoint is "inconsistent" with the Libertarian Party platform, and whether or not it is you can be the Judge. In my belief, however, this viewpoint is completely Libertarian. Libertarians believe in something called the Non-Aggression Principle, which means that yes you can live your life as you please as long as you don't cause harm to someone or take their stuff. Discrimination does both of that. Discrimination on the basis of something that the individual cannot control (ex. color, sexual orientation, gender identity) causes harm, whether physically or mentally, to the person being wrongly discriminated, and discrimination takes away the victims self-worth in society, and that is something I no longer wish to witness.

Remember that we are all beautiful people, that we are all worth something, and that we should be an Ohio that judges NOT by color, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, but by the content of character.

If I am so fortunate to serve District 14 and the State of Ohio, I promise to not only support House Bill 160, but to also CO-SPONSOR House Bill 160.

We should be working to bring Ohio together, not tear Ohio apart, and bringing Ohio together is what The Libertarian Party is here for.

Vote Libertarian in November, and let's Bring Liberty to Ohio.