• Ryan McClain

The Problem with Ohio's H.B. 316 and Red Flag Laws

Red flag laws sound great on the surface. We believe someone maybe a danger to themselves or others, so we take away their guns and they are no longer a threat right? Well, it's not as great as it sounds. First of all, we as American citizens and as Ohioans are protected by The Bill of Rights, and red flag laws violate not just The 2nd Amendment, but The 4th Amendment, and The 9th Amendment at the very least. Let's talk about some of these constitutional violations H.B. 316 allows the state to deprive someone of their guns based on mere.... suspicion? This is not consistent with The 4th Amendment. The 4th Amendment protects all of us from unreasonable search and seizure, and states very clearly that the government needs a warrant to enter into someones home. There is also the issue of defining what even is suspicion. What I believe is suspicious, another may disagree with me. A State Rep. from Texas made a political statement against an anti-gun post made by Democratic presidential candidate Beto o' Rourke recently, and is now under the threat of losing his guns for stating a political opinion, is this really even right? Is this consistent with The Constitution?

The 9th Amendment protects our rights to due process. The government cannot take away our constitutional rights without a trial involving a guilty charge..... Unless "red flag" proposals such as H.B. 316 pass into law. As stated earlier, H.B. 316 allows the government to go into your home and forceably remove your weapons on the basis of mere suspicion via a "court order." Your guns are taken away without a trial even taking place. This is wrong and is a deprivation of your rights and liberties as an American citizen and as an Ohioan. And don't listen to proponents of big government when they tell you that a red flag law is consistent with The 2nd Amendment. How is men in black suits with guns taking away your weapons at gun point consistent with The 2nd Amendment? A red flag law is putting feet into the pool of tyranny; and once you fall into the pool, you can never climb out.


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